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You don't need the headache of remembering each past address, part-time job, or traffic violation. We do all the hard work for you with this simple three step process.

Step One:

We have an initial primary consult with you, obtaining basic information (such military history, outstanding debt, date of birth, SSN, phone number, and address) using our Pre Screening Questionnaire.

Step Two:

We thoroughly gather the data.  We don't simply generate online reports for civil and criminal public records, but instead do the hard work for you!  We make all the calls to your past employers, residences, and education to get the specific information you need. 

Step Three:

We review all information with you to ensure accuracy and a quality result.  The final deliverable is a full report of all the applicable information, with any potential "red flag" areas indicated and highlighted.

Your final product is a copy of all applicable school, criminal, and financial reports, with an executive summary on points of concern or inconsistency, identifying any "red flags", if required.

character and fitness investigation

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