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The Bar Application doesn't have to be overwhelming. Let Ethos Reports take the guesswork out of the character and fitness evaluation process, so that you can focus on what's important: obtaining your law degree, passing the Bar Exam, and practicing law!

Headquartered in Granite Bay, California, Ethos is a pioneer in personal research, focused on your character and fitness. Our highly-skilled team members have extensive backgrounds and credentials in law, private investigation, and international business. We're committed to the highest professional standards and are trained to provide consultation to law students looking to seamlessly clear the character and fitness evaluation portion of the Bar Application.

Our investigators collect and report part-time jobs, past violations, traffic incidents, and past liens. We then create a comprehensive Ethos Report(R).

The bottom line: Ethos will uncover items that may be potential red flags before they become issues. Wouldn't you like to avoid anything that could delay the start of your law career?

Contact us today at (877) 869-5591 or info@ethosreports.com to get started.


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